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 A Review of Geographies of Soul and Taffeta by Sarah Sarai


In all seriousness, Ms. Sarai can write with great humor. These are very fine poems and through each poem there are lines of humor that directs the poignant message that you will receive from a play. Ms. Sarai reminds you of your humanity. In these lines from the poem, “Miracle Fiber” you see an example, “The idea is to be led to something/ that is not you. / If it is the solar system in your arms, / pinging you, well, that works.” Elsewhere in the poem is a section that explains the beauty of her lover using quantum theory and William Blake. As a reader you have to appreciate a writer that will compliment you in this way. You have to admire a writer whose creativity elicits such passion.

Another poem that can’t help but stand out in this collection is “Andy Warhol Left Those Parties by Midnight.” This is easily the best writing in the book. Ms. Sarai writes, “Instead of writer of stories/ you are not sure anyone reads.” Andy Warhol was an emblematic character. And what he represented was art, a living movement, a wellspring of constant ideas. This poem is indicative of the life he led, of constant work, thoughts that like Ms. Sarai writes, “Andy Warhol would/ slip away to a life of control/ and productivity, / two words at a loss on/ a dance floor with a remote. / of secret flesh, in mirrors.” You can see Warhol drifting away, awash in the swirling lights.

This is just a sampling of what is featured inside. I could cover each poem but that would prevent you the act of discovering the well-written work inside. I believe there is nothing better than opening the book you have found on a store shelf or better unwrapping a package from the mail and opening it then. You tumble it over in your hand and then the adventure begins. Geographies of Soul and Taffeta is a very personable, telling and humorous book. I would recommend you buy copies to give away.


Chris Mansel