Ozgur Demirci​

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Some of the Artist's exhibitions :

2015:  "Je Est Un Autre" Solo exibition, Gallery Bu, İstanbul

2014:  "Memory&İdentity", Artstop, İstanbul

       "İnternational Young Artist Of the Year Contest Exhibition, rh+, İstanbul

       "Me, always a LessMore" Bergsen&Bergsen Gallery- Muse İstanbul, İstanbul

       "Close-Up" Casa Dell Arte, Bodrum

       "I Have a Story" Bosna Hersek Ulusal Galeri, Bosnia Herzegovina

       "Me" Art 212 Sanat ve Kültür Platformu, Bodrum

       "Young Sculpture Exibition" Şişli Belediyesi, Nişantaşı Sanat
Parkı, istanbul

       "Portakal Çiçeği Art Colony", Sapanca
       "Climate Change" Bozlu Art Project, İstanbul

       "Contemporary İstanbul Art Fair" İstanbul

2013  "23. İnternational İstanbul Art Fair, TÜYAP İstanbul
            "The Depths of Fantasy" Niş Art Galeri, İstanbul
            "Fantome d'Orient" Niş Art Galeri, İstanbul
            "Ostraka Art Festival", İstanbul

2012:   "Of Mıce and Man" Galeri Espas, İstanbul
             "Ostraka Art Festival", Egypt

     I generally make use of design patterns and ornamentations that
defines the character of Turkish Art.By using these patterns to
decorate modern forms and elements, I try to develop a new and
particular style.Ney players, Anatolian women, imams, mullahs that
represent eastern mysticism and ignored by Turkish Artist can
sometimes be the subjects of my art.

While having a critical approach on this kind of life, I act with
experimental motivation.Mysterious precessions and hidden
transformations of miniature patterns belonging to Anatolian Seljuk
and Ottoman Empires always draws my attention as an equation to be
solved.Homosexuals, transvestites, transsexuals that are cast out by
the religionist environments that stand up for sacred principles,
whose numbers are increasing more and more by modern life style that
came up with industrialization, can be subjects of my art as the
realistic parts of life as well.This wide range of subject of my art,
keeps me away from being an artist of just one specific
environment.The reason I try to keep away from appealing to one
specific environment is about my point of view to art, that i think
about art as much humanistic, universal and beside science against all

I act with the concern of creating a new and a modern style while
thriving to reflect a sense of the past through my color palette and
imagery.I specify being in the background and forgottenness with
expressions of elegant engravings and statements.I balance sensibility
of color with expressions and characters; without ignoring modern
plastic arts, I commentate it with a modern statement.I try to carry
out a paralellism in Eastern and Western dilemma with relationship and
conflict between colors.I try to dissolve them on a classical and even
a modern pot.

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