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Chipper Thompson  was born and raised in north Alabama, steeped in the musical traditions of the Tennessee Valley: strains of dulcimer-laced Appalachian folk and Muscle Shoals throbbing soul. He has lived in Taos, New Mexico for over twenty years and played in many bands (including his own!) taking in rock, folk, middle-eastern, Celtic, surf, and country-western and making a delicious stew of it all. Chipper has released four collections of his own music - "Strange Lullabies," "Folk-N-Roll, Live!," "Penny Dreadfuls," and "O How I Wish My Bad Heart Was True," as well as two collaborations (one traditional folk music with Mason Brown - "Am I Born To Die" and another of original music for the bouzouki with Roger Landes - "The Janissary Stomp" and has played on many others. He is the published author of the art book "Homefields, The Art Of Lanford Monroe" and the novel "The Substance Of Things Hoped For." Furthermore, he is a noted artist, showing his work at the Gerald Peters Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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