four hollow pillars  --
rain patters those gray shutters  --
path to the launch site

signal out at sea  --
century when all happens  --
bring your new wish list

so, repairs complete  --
the mowing all that twilight  --
she invented him

cleansing a victim  --
we’ve gone far beyond you all  --
treasures in the shed

rearrangement blues  --
little ones suffer, then sleep  --
chickens in a yard

so-called attachment  --
she can take or leave friction--
game of pick-up-sticks

wanton assessment  --
offstage, their favorite place  --
what if it does stay?

table top all scratched  --
sang that song in a low key—
whiffle balls can hurt

adverb conference  --
don’t climb on slippery slate  --
do turn him over

apropos of wounds  --
putting on the green kettle  --
unlimited glare

Sad Exams


world of sad exams  --
parallel structure, mayhem  --
dusk, her large, gray eyes

white’s rapid increase  --
even in the blue kitchen  --
little-wow repents

evolution rag  --
rats, briars, mosquitoes, burrs, ticks  --
lie down, human head

rope burn on ankles  --
last frosting, list all crossed off  --
sting of sea water

rearrangement blues  --
little ones suffer, then sleep  --
chickens in a yard

so-called attachment  --
she can take or leave friction--
game of pick-up-sticks

polynomials  --
in these days, we pull knowledge  --
five crows make a line

motion sickness map  --
prudish silver, walls, faces  --
we’re a fake kingdom

first they came for us,
then they came for all our souls,
then they came for us

avuncular speech  --
in a cavern; in a mine  --
they’d hog all grammars

vocal chords, tongues, lips  --
lantern in a long leaf pine  --
that’s not the right switch

iota of home  --
rifle leaned against a leg  --
we’ve gone a long way

even they matter  --
string theory is older now  --
her eyes light the room

ceremony riff  --
degree of abandonment  --
miraculous road

unseated, for fun  --
drove to the document dump  --
ninety desks in rows

containment blues jam  --
finally it all makes sense  --
goddamn dimmer broke

their potable grief  --
drawbridge down; portcullis down  --
William Byrd’s masses

hole of history  --
we’d like to get out now, please  --
her hands are on trial

darkening garden  --
their unity; their pallor  --
bring the chalice down

black on deepest blue  --
collect all their wrong answers  --
darkest blue on black

daddy derision  --
please to put a penny in  --
mother loneliness

a pooling of scars  --
line of eleven hemlocks  --
no one knows it yet

internal triptych  --
those nineteen lines in the sand  --
this is where they sing

uncontested nights  --
stairway to the wars, of course  --
one eye was removed

failed and glassy eyed  --
the theater’s warm, at least  --
inaudible rush

evangelicals  --
“there are turtles in our soup!”  --
a rolling abyss

profligate crooner  --
there’s much more room underground  --
liquid rosaries

who’s important now?  --
firmament of all their eyes  --
only if we say

they skipped the previews  --
her blues are wider than his  --
America’s tin

hard right cross, bam! down!  --
high wire didn’t work today  --
aligned with himself

pain starting again  --
step at a time in this fog  --
angle of riposte

morning of dark soil  --
strong wind above the highway  --
fill in those ovals

intelligent blur  --
they eat our shoes for supper  --
all quotients will fail

dutiful romance  --
just waiting for the rally  --
so, decide to swerve

three flies on our pane  --
now there’s always an odd light  --                           
figures, at the end                                                                      


Joel Chace

The Daily Art Source