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Eileen Tabios, INVENT[ST]ORY

Ms Tabios has put together a very handsome collection of her work spanning from 1989 to 2015. "Drink nothing but the liquid from a pigeon's egg for 40 days." That is one of the many footnotes you will find in this fascinating book, it's from a cure for asthma. The piece itself is from a long piece entitled, Footnotes to "the Virgin Knot" by Holly Payne. Another "footnote from this piece, "(m) When she mentioned the possibility of forgetting "what it was like before pain," the postman fingered his empty sack and understood a new pain from knowing the possible only as possibility." How can you pick up a book and read these two 'footnotes' and not be fascinated?

"The thin mattress smelled of lemon and wild rose."

One of the best pieces featured in INVENT[ST]ORY is the poem Filipina Brides. It's a very moving and all too real story. It's where everything in this volume come together. Fiction, footnotes and prose-poetry.

Reading Eileen Tabios is like learning to garnish a plate. You've worked to prepare the meal for your family but you want to make it even more special. It's something you add, something for your heart. Don't be afraid to open up but you too are a writer.

Chris Mansel


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