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 A Review of Against Misanthropy (A Life In Poetry) by Eileen Tabios

The book begins with a collections of blurbs. Which is in itself an interesting thing to do because let's face it, how long do we actually stop and read those things? You flip the book over, see if you know the person or have heard them, then you read the words and see if you agree with what is read. Some people will actually not buy the book just because of that blurb. So this is this a collection of blurbs a cautionary tale? No.

In an interview with John Bloomberg-Rissman she reveals, "The arduity of my poetry is that if I'm not living a certain way, it won't matter how well my poems are crafted. My desired is an action, not an object- a verb, a noun." She goes on to say, "For me, one must also choose to do something as led to you by how you live as a poet." What you write will follow you, or will vanish after you are gone? That really is the question. How you live your life will, I believe, carry on farther. But you have to remember, and I believe what every serious writer worries about is, when you commit those words to the page you are committing yourself. Will what you have chosen carry the weight of the arduous journey it took to get there?

 Eileen Tabios is a writer who cares about the reader.  Against Misanthropy is really in my opinion, and that is all this is after all, a gift to those who buy her books. After writing so many she could easily not put together such an informative book about her writing. How many times have you wanted a book such as this about other authors you read? Be Honest.

Chris Mansel