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A Review of Periodic Earth by Donna Fleischer

By now I am used to reading Haiku by Ms Fleischer but she also writes poetry of the caliber that warrants an astute reading. They say a sure foot follows a familiar path only to find similar results, but if you want to vary and venture out, you’ll find yourself coming upon lines like the following which are written the poem,

“This Mineral World: xiii. China Blue Sea”:

She could teach archery
to a Chinese child and make the bow blue
into a fanciful sea encircling us three
No, I am a bone that was sawed in two
during her heart surgery

The mention of a Chinese child, to this reviewer, symbolizes the ability to reach out to anyone, even someone across the world, effortlessly. The line, “into a fanciful sea encircling sea encircling us three” is the telling line, fanciful or whimsical sea, meaning in jest perhaps. Moving on, “encircling us three” her grandmother, the boy and the young girl, what a beautiful section. As Melville said in Moby Dick, “So omnipotent is art..”

What touches you as a reader, is it what touches the writer? Is there a premonitory feeling that is expressed? In Periodic Earth, you find a writer expressing a devotion to loved ones, past and present, and writing in such a way as to carry the reader into personal stories, details. I can’t imagine anyone not appreciating this and not turning page after page into the intimacy.

Ms Fleischer writes from a very strong presence of mind, a sense of regret and a strong will of love, peace and love of looking forward. A gathering of thoughts that include you.

Chris Mansel