Kansoz by Joel Chace

" We wring our hair, we tear our hands". What feeling do these words bring superficially to mind? Anxiety, fear, insanity, or perhaps something deeper and more sinister as the viewer connects them to a personal life?  Theses words conjure images of darkness just as readily as Goya's nightmare paintings. These words are on page 53 of Joel Chace's art book, Kansoz.

Chace's art book is a collection of collages that consist of words cut from various sources and pasted or taped to paper.  Each piece is meant to be a visual stimulus in itself and yet there are no images pasted into his collages. As the viewer reads the words, images are conjured in the onlooker's mind and connect intimately to the observer. The words evoke feelings and responses as surely as if the image itself were painted on the canvas.  Each page of this book will mean something different to each observer as the observer pulls from personal experience an image placed in the viewer's mind by the swirling words on these pages. Isn't the goal of art to evoke feelings and responses in the viewer?  I believe Mr. Chace has done just that with his collection of collages. It is a book that deserves to be observed, read and given thought by each person who gazes on these pages. If a picture paints a thousand words then the collages in Joel's book will paint a thousand pictures in people's minds. 

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